Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Website Development Phase 3

You're have done much of the 'work' that you'll be responsible for by now, the idea and needs of your website are established, you've made arrangements for your development partner, they've created a plan that you've agreed to, the next phase is the actual 'Production' of your website.During this part of the projects development your input is limited for the most part to confirmation and approvals.

Your development partner should be addressing the following as they relate to your new website and seeking your approvals along the way:

1-Content integration
2-Backend application development (databases, email systems etc.) if applicable
3-Finalising graphic design
4-QA (quality assurance) testing
5-Cross browser, platforms testing
6-Content check
7-Final revision by client

You should be able to see the website as it's developed on a development website and so you'll be able to provide your input when needed. One word of caution, let your website service partner ask you for input. I mention this because often in the process of these projects you'll be excited and want to offer all kinds of input along the way, let them do their job, when they're done they should ask you for your input and that's the time to view the product, listen to the thought behind the development, and offer your considered input. This is how you will achieve the best outcomes. You're really close to being live!

We're at the edge of the future!

Andy Xhignesse

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