Friday, March 20, 2009

Live at Last!

The final step in getting your website live is to flick the switch so to speak. All of your information is correct and to your satisfaction, the content is laid out well, the initial optimization is completed, you're ready to be live and so...flick the switch! You might think this is where the process ends and really, it's where the process begins, let me explain.

What has been laid out in the last few entries is a process that will lead to your getting your website up and live for online visitors to come and engage with, you've built your online real estate, the online house so to speak. You've made an investment of time and capital resources to bring this project to fruition, and you should be excited about what can happen now and in the future as a result of this investment. Like any asset or tool of your business, or like the home that you live in for that matter, your online presence requires maintenance in order to preserve and increase it's value. Do you paint your house? Repair the windows? Replace the furnace or air conditioner as needed? Of course you do, if you didn't what would happen? The investment you've made in your house would depreciate. Similarly for your business, do you repair or replace your business equipment as needed? Do you change your business processes to better use the resources of the company? Again the answer is yes, and just as you complete these maintenance items for your home and business, you need to have the same attitude about your online investments. Why? Good question.

Each week I come across something new and interesting about what is evolving with respect to online communications, it's a rapidly expanding area. This research is critical in order that I can be of greatest help to my clients in their online development plans. Great news...there is a ton of new internet technology being introduced all the time! Why great news? These developments will allow you to achieve with increased efficiencies, to a wider audience, at less cost resulting in better business results for your company. As these innovations continue to roll out they will provide you with more opportunities than ever before, but there is a must replace the windows, apply fresh paint, change your heating and air conditioning system as needed to preserve and enhance your investment and achieve the greatest ROI for your efforts.

1- monitor results
2- evaluate data
3- plan based on interpretation
4- implement new plan
5- repeat

I'm going to repeat something that I offered a while back...In 2006 google was receiving 2.7 billion inquires monthly, in 2008 it was up to 37 billion! Plan well and you will be positioned to benefit, fail to plan...well let's not even go there.

We're at the edge of the future!

Andy Xhignesse

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