Friday, March 13, 2009

After the website idea...what's next?

In my last installment I outlined a process to develop a website idea, that will eventually lead to the creation of a website. Today I'd like to start working from where I left off, to review you now have the idea and budget fairly clear in your mind, what next? Concept development.

1- You now need to select a company that will work with you to bring your idea to virtual reality. I wrote extensively on the selection process for an online development partner back on December 12th and stand by my recommendations in that article, check it out. After you've chosen who you'll be working with move on to step 2.

2- Create a schedule of how the development process will unfold. This should include everything from initial concept discussion, to 'live' online website deployment. Some flexibility is required on the schedule as there may be changes that you see as necessary as the project unfolds.

3- Your online partner should now take your project and provide you with:
a) A basic site structure plan;
b) Graphic ideas as required for the project;
c) A site navigation plan.

4- Remember, you are hopefully working with a 'partner' who is implementing your ideas for a website, be sure to have open communications about the progress and provide regular feedback to them. This relationship is really important for the long-term, invest your time accordingly to ensure you have the right development partner.

It's a very exciting time for your company/organization, the first website is underway, congratulations!

We're at the edge of the future!

Andy Xhignesse

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